About Us

Hi everyone,

I am Sherry, a full time mother in China. Since my lovely baby girl had come to birth last year, I started to do my research about diapers. I used disposable diapers on my daughter in first month, but her hips soon got diaper rashes for the diapers are so unbreathable that makes her so uncomfortable and she cried a lot. As the rashes couldn’t get better and I needed to find a way to save money for my family, my husband and I decided to try cloth diapers.

After that I have become a so big fan of cloth diapers. My husband assisted me to create this web store with the goal of helping new mothers learn about the benefits of cloth diapering because I wanted to share my first-hand knowledge and experiences with other parents.

You maybe feel overwhelmed by so many cloth diapers choices on the market like I used to be. So we are here to provide your families with affordable, quality cloth diapers in my shop which works well on my daughter now.

We would love to hear from you and help you answer any questions you may have. Please Feel free to contact us.


Sherry and Emmet
Owners of EcoClothDiaper.com

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